Kavya Kopparapu is a passionate nonprofit leader, accomplished innovator, experienced public speaker, and student at Harvard University. Kavya is the founder and CEO of GirlsComputingLeague (www.girlscomputingleague.com). She is dedicated to sharing her passion for computer science with others, especially young girls, as the field has given her a world of opportunity, and has been recognized by organizations such as the White House. Her organization has reached over 3,000 students over the past three years in the Virginia-DC-Maryland region and is on track to impact many more. Kavya hopes to work towards a world where women are given equal opportunities for professional and personal development in the STEM fields, a world where she is not regarded a girl who happens to be a computer scientist, but rather a computer scientist who happens to be a girl.

Kavya enjoys sharing her experiences and knowledge with others. She believes education is the ultimate weapon to fight ignorance and hopes to continue to play a role as an educator throughout her schooling and career.